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Financial Services

Financial Services

While abundant information exists on budgeting, saving, and investing, it remains under-utilized due to lack of awareness, discipline, biases, and oversight. At FinFix®, we attempt to bridge the gap between theory and practice in investment-related decisions.

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Financial research is at the core of FinFix®. In addition to providing insightful research solutions to our B2B clients, we leverage our research capabilities to make our investment management processes more robust. Our research is designed to align to your needs.

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WIN® - Women Investors Network

WIN® - Women Investors Network

We believe that women are excellent at managing money, but this skill is often limited to household budgets. Women Investors Network – WIN® is our initiative to engage with women, encourage and equip them with skills related to personal finance.

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Our Approach

  • Client First

    Client First

    We don't prioritize numbers over people. The fact that we do not set any sales targets allows us to whole-heartedly focus on setting quality standards whereby our clients feel honestly represented and cared for.

  • Process Driven

    Process Driven

    We go from the A to Z of investments using a multi-tiered process that encompasses a comprehensive, consistent, and detailed approach. Our focus is on 'solutions', and not on 'products'. Our strategies are pragmatic and timebound.

  • Transparency


    We believe in an open and honest channel of communication with our clients. We are transparent in our approach, services, and costs. We have no qualms in specifying what we can and cannot deliver.

  • Long-Term Focus

    Long-Term Focus

    We believe in building strong relationships with our clients, something that needs time and trust. Likewise, our investment approach focuses on building long-term value, rather than delving into speculative investment gimmicks or shoddy options.

  • Knowledge Based

    Knowledge Based

    The solutions we offer are not based on a market trend or a fad to push a product, but are backed by data, research, and in-depth analyses. All decisions are made after sifting through all the relevant data with a fine-tooth comb.

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management

    Risk management is the cornerstone of any sound decision. Thus, it is important to understand and measure the sources of risk and to take steps to manage them, using quantitative and qualitative factors in the assessment process.

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